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When becoming a JOBSON Prime Member, manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months usually will be extended to 18 MONTHS!
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Where to buy JOBSON products?

Mostly Amazon.com, ebay in the U.S. and Europe. In Japan, sold on Amazon.co.jp, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping. 

How to be offered 12 month warranty?

If it is within 12 months from the date of purchase, we will repair / exchange correspondence only for initial failure or natural breakdown.

In the unlikely event that a warranty card is not included in the product, please let us know the store you purchased and the order number, then we can check it.

Please contact us from the inquiry page.

Please tell me specific examples for manufacturer's warranty

(Example 1) There was a part damaged after use, although there was no problem in use. (→ exchange correspondence. There may be cases where return is required)

 (Example 2) After 10 months from product purchase, the power did not come on despite not falling or giving a strong shock. (→ New product exchange available) 

Others Please do not hesitate to tell us, since we can contact you, such as “Is this the case for security?” 

Purchase from a distributor can also receive warranty?

For JOBSON items sold by authorized distributors, you can also receive manufacturer guarantee in the same way.

However, please note that for products not approved as regular sales such as counterfeit goods, parallel import goods, etc., it is out of the manufacturer’s warranty.